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People objects

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 07:27 AM

Hi there

I76 and I 82 have a lot of character animations.I do animation in poser 6- I have done animations for ko3d game co, but I am not allowed to give you examples other than new ones I can make not pertaining to their game due to disclosure agreements I signed... I can do roto-scoping and even map real peoples image on a poser 6 or 7 object and then animate speaking- walking talking firing weapons etc. I have full control...IN addition to that I play electric guitar a bit do some house music - midi only right now because I don't have mixers. Are we able to upload animation in here?

I can not upload an example of using a live human face wrapped on one of my models because the only model I have is of my girlfriend and it would not be right to upload it here without her permission. I will check and upload if its cool. Or if you want to give me side and front profiles of your own faces I can do an example or two. keep in mind that I have full control. I can wrap your face on to a girl head if you are a guy or reverse I can tweak and modify how things look clothes hair everything.... poser is a great tool for game creation. I am make the taurus vixen and groove or brand new people...

I can take photographic profiles of your faces. and then apply them to a 3d object then add hair.and everything else. Poser has a lot of power and now we can even export to use in 3d studio maya or others

It would be better if I could email some demos.

Let me know via email


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