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2D artists and music composers from my development studio!

18 January 2013 - 04:26 AM

Hi guys!

I'm Leandro Gabriel, the CEO from Vincio Studios, a new Brazilian small game development studio and, a huge fan of the original Interstate '76 game.

2 days ago, I was thinking "It would be AWESOME if the Interstate franchise wakes up again" and, after a little search on Google, I've found you!

I was excited, downloaded the game and, after sailed through the forum, I've seen that you were looking for help on the game. So, here I am, and here's my deal:

* I am the CEO/programmer/composer/writer/designer/2d artist/video;audio producer/_GODDAMN_EVERYTHING of Vincio Studios, but my programming skills are a little low from what you've done. I studied python, but I don't have too much "luck" with it so, I continue developing my games with Game Maker, from Mark Overmars BUUUUT, me, Ledson and Marcos are 2D artists (We worked together at an advertising company making banners, folders and making video animations, commercials, etc, etc, etc) and we could help with 2D sprites and textures for the game. :rolleyes:

* With all those things, I have Andrey in the crew, who's the lead-composer of the soundtracks of my games. I help him giving my soundtracks ideas (part of the music), and he helps me putting some realistic chords and instruments in my compositions, so we can do some pretty things! Me and him are musicians since childhood so, we have some experience making soundtracks! :lol:

Vincio Studios is like you; It's an independent game development studio, with no fund$. No, not even a little. We're only looking to have a little NAME in the gaming industry now, at beginning. In an uncertain future, we'll start making games with ads and all those disgusting thing, but not now!

Our hard work is HERE. From now we're on a little "vacation" so, our new game had delayed BUT, in a short time, after solving many other projects, we will return at full power! ;)

I recommend that you take a look at Bio-Projeto: Acid!, our first game, and make your reviews about our work! Mail me, like us on the Facebook and give us a suggestion, a reclamation, a love-card, a sandwich, WHAT YOU WANT! We want to and like to hear our players! :)

(Don't worry about the site being all in PORTUGUESE. In he first run of the game, you can choose the language. ENGLISH included!)

And, yes, we make all our work from ZERO. No "templates", no "presets". EVERYTHING from ZERO. Our site is included on this, too! :)

If we have a deal, I can put a banner of your project in our site and, you could do something like this too but, of course, optional! :)

So, what you say? ;)

(Sorry about poor English. :/)