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How you all being doing ?

10 March 2015 - 04:51 PM

Hi all, its being a complete year since the last time i heard about you guys, how you have being doing whit the project ? :)
Any Visual updates that you can give to us that we might can chew on ? :P 

Interstate'76 with xp/vista/7/8 + Internet fix

01 April 2014 - 09:26 PM

Hello Everyone, 

its been a time since last post ive made !
I wanted to let you know all where i was now with my interstate projects !

so now in the last year, i have started the interstate'82 Vigilantes association website and its group on facebook, in the end if the year 2013 i did the same also to try resurrect i'76 and attract the players for it,
And now in this year that is 2014, the i82va.com site is now down since a new group will soon show up in the future to merge the i'76va and i'82va communities.

So we will simply now call our self the Interstate Vigilante's Association (IVA in short), We will have a new website in the upcoming month to get something more decent to show and to represent both games.

Im glad to tell that the original base game now works under windows xp/vista/7 and 8 and that we have now an internet fix for nitro that dose not require an external program to handle it (we were using tunngle before that), this fix has been done by one of our new members (shane peelar) and have to say he did great work since now we dont need to mind about port forwarding so we can host a game, since it use a upnp thingy ! :)

so right if anyone is interested to play i76 nitro whit us your welcome to ! and he is our goup link to get our newset game installer taht include all neded files to install and patch i'76 ! 



so anyone up for join play i76 is welcome ! it would be cool to have some auto-vigilante action going on here ! :)