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Casual developer looking for task/bug list

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 11:10 PM

Hi there,

I'm a programmer with a fair bit of scripting experience, heavily based in python, especially now that the company I'm in is using it more. Unfortunately, due to my job, and also not knowing if I'd be a fit for the team just yet, I can't firmly commit to the project, but I would like to get to know the codebase and feed back to it - and, as I've learnt from experience, that's difficult to do without a firm objective.

So, taking a leaf out of other projects I'd like to try my hand at fixing a few bugs - my day-to-day job generally involves analysing failures, so I have some pretty solid trouble-shooting skills. As I said, I can't devote a lot of time, although if you guys had a public bug-list or some sort of hit-list for issues (ones where the fix is likely to have little or no major architectural impact) that you'd like to see fixed or improved, but don't necessarily want to spend core developer time on, I could throw an eye over things and get to know the code that way (obviously with any deltas undergoing a code review from one of the core devs); and if the list is public, others could contribute as well.

About me in general, I'm a recent Irish compsci grad. I've done an internship as a Quality engineer, where I learnt python as part of my job, and I'm now in a similar role (although I don't use python as much these days) where I test for, analyse and categorise potential regressions for a major OS. I also manage some mind-melting perl that I inherited when I joined the job. I also have experience with shell scripting; mostly ksh, but most of that is applicable to bash or /bin/sh.

All in all, if you wanna throw a few bits and bugs out to there, we can get the measure of each other and see how we get on. :) If nothing else, if you post a public list of the bugs, you might get more 'code-mercenaries' willing to help out.


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