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Applying for Modeling/LD/Concept art position

15 March 2010 - 05:40 PM

Let me introduce myself, so i'm beastenator, i've been working with UE3 for a year now, I've made 2 maps so far, VCTF-Lux Lunae and VCTF-Aero the last one being still beta tested. The problem is though t hat UT3 seems to be dying off so i'm signing up for something new. After browsing through the UDK forums I found this interesting project.

What i'm capable of:
*)  Making meshes in 3dsMax, mostly static; havn't really done skeletal meshes yet.

*)  Unreal editor, I'm experienced in using the unreal Editor for level designing.

*)  Concept art, I just love drawing and I love it even more to see what i've drawn in game.

I would show you the stationary gatling cannon i was working on, but thanks to 3ds max crashing I lost the save file and had to start over again.  <_<
So after an hour of time redoing the mesh, this is what i've got. It is a VERY raw concept of the gatling cannon i'm working on.

Posted Image

Greets, Beastenator.